2015, August, 17

A company re-imagined to create Joy

Mondelēz International is a confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate, with annual revenues of $36 billion and 110,000 employees around the world. It comprises the global snack and food brands of the former Kraft Foods, including Oreo, Nabisco, Trident, Chiclets, Dentyne, Halls, Milka, Cadbury, and Toblerone.

The Mondelēz name, adopted in 2012, came from the input of Kraft Foods employees at the time, and represents the combination of the words for "world" and "delicious" in Romance languages.

As followers of my Slingshot platform know, I strongly advocate that all companies should consider themselves to be in the business of maximizing joy and minimizing pain for their customers.  So imagine how pleased I was to come across Mondelēz’s corporate manifesto:

our manifesto

A world full of differences.
Different lives. Different views. Different tastes.
But really, we're all the same.
Wherever you go.
Whoever you meet.
We all seek joy.

Maybe that's not too surprising.
What is surprising? A whole new company
That's been reimagined with a single focus in mind: Create joy.

Provide life's delicious moments by sharing the world's favorite brands.
Brands that awaken the senses.
Brighten the day.
Refresh, Renew, Uplift.

We are the people of Mondelēz International.
We make the products that make people smile.
We treat. We fuel. We boost the day.
Small delight moments
Each building on the next...
That remind us, every day is delicious.

Create delicious moments of joy.
That's our dream.
It's what guides us.
The way we look at it, it's not just about lifting a moment with flavor,
It's about lifting the spirit.

Let the Joy Begin.
Mondelēz International.


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