2016, August, 22

Infatuation Interval Index: Why all the excitement?

As put forth in my recent Harvard Business Review article, our Infatuation Interval Index (I-Cubed) is setting a new standard for decoding the customer experience.  As further indication, here is an interesting perspective on it, from the field of applied psychology.

"I-Cubed is such an innovative idea, and has so much potential for the current market. I've worked collecting and analyzing net promoter scores (NPS), and from what I've read so far about the Infatuation Interval Index, it's far superior to NPS. From my psychology background, specifically neuroscience, we study the mechanism of motivation and learning in relation to neurotransmitter activity, glutamine and dopamine. The phenomenon of reward/reinforcement is key to establishing learning. Usually, if the reward of learning elicits a positive outcome, the association or behavior is reinforced. Meaning the behavior will likely to occur again.

I think Slingshot has successfully spotted the essence of consumer behavior, in describing this same phenomenon that occurs in the field of neuroscience, but in the field of marketing. I-Cubed measures that moment of excitation when the subject, customer, is given the stimulus, the product, then the decrease in infatuation, and the process of re-invigoration. This is something that NPS fails to measure and calculate. I honestly haven't been this excited since the development of optogenetics and computational neuroscience."

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Hansel Lema, Applied Psychology Researcher, City College of New York 


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