2018, January, 29

Interesting Piece of Historic Trivia

Having been born in Budapest, I have a special affinity for the origin of the word ‘coach’, as it stems from Hungary, many centuries ago. But beyond this personal connection, there are a couple of reasons why this historical tale is worthy of bringing to your attention.   

‘Coach’ comes from the name of the Hungarian village ‘Kocs’, which produced a horse carriage so innovative in the Middle Ages, that its design was copied internationally.  Hence the genesis of the English word ‘coach’, and Spanish word ‘coche’.  Later, the word ‘coach’ would adopt a second meaning, that of a trainer, some say because of personal tutors sitting next to their student inside a carriage.  And of course today, ‘coaching’ has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry, providing one-on-one training of important skills.  

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