2016, August, 08

Pokemon Go: Irresistible global infatuation

Nintendo has done it again.  It shook up the gaming industry in 2006 by introducing the Wii, which ignited interest in the previously untapped 95% of the population worldwide.  It accomplished this by blending passive and active entertainment via the ‘Wiimote’ motion sensor.  The much anticipated follow up to the Wii in 2012, the Wii U, was a colossal flop, because it failed to deliver any new, compelling features to fuel mass appeal.  But now, Nintendo is back once again with a roar: Enter the Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go mimics the Wii’s formula for success.  It successfully blends two worlds (the virtual and the real), and does it in a way that everyone can have access (instead of using proprietary hardware, the game can be played on any smartphone by downloading the app). The result has been an immediate, global sensation.

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