2017, February, 06

Uber sets sights on world domination

There is certainly no shortage of conversation surrounding Uber.  But one recent article in Forbes Magazine grabbed my attention in particular – as it highlighted the way Uber’s strategy is so well aligned with the Slingshot Framework.

From Forbes, December 30, 2016 ‘Super Uber’ article:

‘Uber is the most valuable startup in history, with a valuation of $ 468 billion.  But Travis Kalanick (Uber’s Founder) is no longer interested in just getting you a ride: He’s positioning Uber to be at the center of mobility. If it moves, Kalanick wants a piece of it. Less than seven years after its launch, Uber is already reshaping how cities think about congestion, and how Millennials think about car ownership. And it has barely scratched the surface in terms of moving physical goods. “The car market, the transportation market, consumer ground transportation – you might think of it as $5 trillion or $6 trillion globally, but honestly I don’t know if it really matters, the point is it’s in the trillions.”. ‘

Kalanick’s vision and statement are incredibly Slingshot-esque: Expand the definition of your business as wide as possible – from ride-sharing to total mobility. And don’t be troubled if in the process you target a market space so big, that you don’t even know its exact dimensions. That is the trait of truly future shaping companies.


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