2014, January, 30

Frequent traveler challenges the status quo

What happens when we begin to identify consumer ‘pain points’ that everyone takes for granted?

How many memorable experiences and interactions did you have on your last commercial flight? Chances are most of them were negative rather than positive. So why not use that to your advantage, by identifying customer pain points and turning them points of infatuation? At times, your customers themselves will tell you just how to do that.

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2014, January, 28

Re-imagining our relationship with ordinary objects

As children, our imagination knew no boundaries. But as we grew older, our imagination was gradually reigned in, and our thinking eventually settled within the accepted boundaries of conventionality.

It seems that our intellectual comfort zone has shifted from that of continuous exploration and inquisitiveness to that of conformity with accepted norms of adult perception. See how one former Disney scientist is bucking that trend by re-imagining our relationship with ordinary objects, alongside other creative projects.

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2014, January, 23

China’s new stance on innovation

Are you content with reaping the benefits of some past innovation, or are you continuously re-thinking your business?

See how an entire country as massive as China is working swiftly to change its reputation from a technology copycat to a driver of global innovation.

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2014, January, 21

WhatsApp: Are the days of SMSing numbered?

All businesses are subject to the unpredictable evolution of the market place. The danger you face is of misjudging or ignoring trends that can make your business become obsolete.

To demonstrate this I’ve previously used the anecdotal example of the ancient city of Pompeii as it was overtaken by volcanic ash. In my latest example I look towards the future of communications as recent reports show that instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype continue to overtake the more traditional standard of mobile messaging, SMS. And although SMS continues to remain widely-used, especially amongst those without smartphones, the continued rising trend of mobile messaging apps poses a danger for industry titans that fail to innovate.

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2014, January, 17

The ‘Share a Can’ Experiment

Companies must understand that they are not in the business of making a certain product or providing a certain service, but rather something much more encompassing, much more fundamental: they are in the business of enriching people’s lives.

They are in the business of making people’s lives more fun, more thrilling, simpler, more comfortable, more liberating, safer, more meaningful, more efficient, and more harmonious. This seemingly small shift in strategic thinking is huge. It allows companies to infatuate large groups of consumers and to do so continuously.

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