2018, June, 11

First Casualty of Self-Driving Cars

In my book ‘Slingshot’, I made mention of the first known casualty of the automobile. The person in question was Bridgett Driscoll, who was struck by a vehicle at Crystal Palace, England in 1986 by a car travelling at 4 mph. At the time, people could not conceive that this would not be the first and last of such accidents.  The story is a vivid illustration of the fast pace of progress and paradigm shifts.

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2018, June, 04

Leading with Humor

Professor Jamie Anderson, my co-author on a series of articles focusing on the important role of humor in leadership, recently delivered a TEDx presentation on this very topic.

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2018, May, 28

Organizational Culture and Creativity

I recently gave an interview for www.GroSum.com , focused on how to unleash creativity in organizations.

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2018, May, 21

IKEA did WHAT? A quick illustration of staying relevant

One of the most powerful illustrations of corporate adaptability is for a company to disrupt its own business model or core offering. This is done in order to stay relevant in the face of changing lifestyles, technologies, and market conditions, requiring extreme strategic flexibility. A case in point was Apple’s move to kill the iPod in 2007, just seven years after its launch, by introducing the iPhone. And Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant, has given us another great example.

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2018, May, 14

Re-Imagining B2B Market Boundaries: Vodafone Shared Services

Vodafone Shared Services Europe, based in Budapest, has one of the largest marketing agencies in all of Hungary, having started with a mere 13 people in 2014, and now reaching over 100 employees as of April 2018.  How does such a rapidly growing, internal, B2B marketing agency of one of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe keep employees engaged and encourage innovation? It takes them on a two-day, offsite event designed to put their creative thinking to the test, and lets them design their own future at work.

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