2019, February, 11

Shaping the future of lifestyles

Dubai has firmly established itself as a hub for futuristic projects, pushing limits, and re-imagining boundaries.  Having sprung from the desert sand, Dubai boasts many wonders, including the world’s tallest building, first indoor ski mountain, and underwater restaurant.  And recently a new ‘first’ has been added.

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2019, February, 04

Shaping the Future Through Lifelong Learning

In a world of perpetual change, standing still is not an option. Which means that the process of learning has to be a lifelong and cross-generational journey. This presents an exciting opportunity to re-imagine education for all generations, and to blend the pursuit of personal fulfillment with that of professional excellence. To this end, we are forming the Coalition for Lifelong Learning, bringing together leading, global organizations with complementary expertise, be it in knowledge sharing, entrepreneurship, creativity & play, or mindfulness. Members will host joint events, exchange experiences, and offer linked programs to guide the future of lifelong learning.

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2019, January, 21

Historic Flashback: Re-Imagining an Icon

As a way of welcoming the new year, let’s revisit an inspirational story from recent history. It serves as a useful reminder of the need for strategic transformation, and an example of its successful implementation by one of the most iconic companies.  

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2019, January, 07

Sure sign that you are NOT ready for change

Openness to new ideas is a critical component of an organization’s ability to stay relevant. It is emblematic of an internal culture that encourages creative thinking and nurtures continuous transformation. In contrast, resistance to new ideas is a sure sign that an organization is not embracing change. Here is a telling example from the world of sports.  

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2018, December, 17

Let’s end the Year with a bit of Humor

What better way to end the year than with a laugh? Especially, when such levity has direct relevance to the success of our business. Why? Because smart strategy in our highly unpredictable environment requires continuous innovation. To innovate, we need to harness creativity. And the most universal manifestation of creativity is humor. Which is why more and more organizations are looking to make humor an integral part of their culture, and why, along with my two co-curators, we launched Stand-Up Strategist earlier this year – to recognize and celebrate the important role of humor in corporate leadership and culture. So without further ado, a little something to make you laugh.

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