How Humor Can Shape Strategy

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This freshly published article on Management-Issues summarizes the 2019 Stand-Up Strategist rankings of the best corporate April Fools campaigns, and its implications for strategy & leadership.

May the farce be with you!
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Re-Imagining Your Workplace


I am really looking forward to launching my co-facilitated Master Class series with  Brigette Hyacinth , 'rock star' of workplace engagement. The series, 'Re-Imagine Your Workplace', will kick-off in Singapore. Here is the event website where you can pre-register to attend:

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Re-Imagining Basketball

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The sport of basketball needs a serious refresh, according to the NBA commissioner Adam Silver who is a contemplating radical change to keep the game relevant to new generations and global audience. One of his 'radical' ideas is introducing tournaments during the NBA's regular season - and the concept of borrowed from the world of soccer.

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World Happiness Report 2019 - What It SHOULD Measure


This year's global ranking of countries based on citizens' happiness has just been released. While this is a study of how to measure and generate important insights, it is not measuring what I think is important: the pursuit of happiness. Rather than comparing predefined conditions for happiness across nations, it would be more revealing to look at the relative extent of people who can pursue their own definition of happiness.

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2019, March, 16

Today's CEOs not fit to lead?


According to the newly published global survey by Korn Ferry, two thirds of global institutional investors are current CEOs incapable and ill-equipped to navigate the challenges ahead. Wow! How telling and how true. In a VUCA world, senior executives must embrace and new leadership skills, one that enables their organization to re-imagine boundaries and re-invent itself.

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